by local employees throughout the regional supply chain

CrystaLite is a Northwest Washington manufacturer of high quality skylights, roof glazing, sunrooms, and railing systems. Our suppliers are also local businesses and employ local workers.

Our primary supplier of aluminum is SAPA Inc, based in Portland. They receive their raw billet from regional suppliers in Ferndale and The Dalles; and 80% of their raw material is mined by local workers within 500 miles. Cardinal IG is our primary source of glass, based in Hood River. Likewise, they receive their supplies from Cardinal FG in Winlock, who manufactures float glass created from raw sands mined from local quarries.

FRC RATED, AAMA/ASTM TESTED CrystaLite skylights are NAMI certified and NFRC rated for thermal performance; U-Factor, SHGC, Visible Light Transmittance. Skylights are NAMI certified to the NAFS Standard for air infiltration, water penetration and structural loading.

PV Integrated Structures

We have teamed up with Silicon Energy (Marysville, WA), innovative manufacturer of high quality,light transmitting, fully tempered laminate photovoltaic (PV) modules; to deliver PV-integrated structures for your home or business. This unique partnership delivers dual purpose, PV-integrated patio and carport coverings, electric car charging carports, and picnic shelters to provide cover from the sun or inclement weather, as well as generate electricity for your building.

SOLA-LITE Skylights, we know that each project is unique and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction when deciding what Sky-lighting solution fits best for your space and lighting needs. SOLA-LITE Skylights will help find the best skylight for your particular project, be it our favorite tube skylights or a box style, we will help you make the right choice.


Solar Modules, Inverters, and Structures are all made and manufactured in Washington.