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Valted BigA Skylight is a means where the natural sunlight is used to illuminate the interior of a house or a hall and provides the natural feel and warmth of all natural sunlight.

The history of people employing the skylight, dates back to the Roman era. This was the common technique of lighting by the Roman Architects and with the developments that happened in the following centuries, to say the least, daylighting applications have continued to be improved upon and now brings you a variety of options to choose from.

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  • ons of Skylights, but there are three major types which are most common. They are the Ventilated skylight, Fixed Skylight and Flat Skylight. Even though there are many ways of skylighting, only three are commonly used depending on the budget and feasibility of the spassssce.

Ventilated skylights can be opened, where the fresh air is allowed inside. This type of skylight is usually useful for an area where moisture is high, for example, kitchens or bathrooms. Because of this feature, ventilated skylights can be controlled by opening and closing which makes them ideal for temperature control.

Unlike the ventilated skylight, the fixed skylight does not allow fresh air to pass through the structure. This type of skylight is for the sole purpose of passing light only. The shape and type of skylight usually depends on the size of the room.

The flat skylight can be used for dual purpose. A flat skylight can be used as ventilating as well as fixed. There are other types of skylights for the purpose of lighting in residential buildings, for example, round skylight, polygon skylight, dome skylight but the usage of these types depends on ones requirements. Polygon is the most impact on the budget of all the skylight options.

After the industrial revolution, there was a mass production of glass which changes the concept of skylight changes completely with many techniques easily available in the market. In the modern times, the two most common material that are used to construct these skylights are glass and acrylic.

Both materials have their own weakness and strength but choosing the material depends on one’s requirement and budget. Some of the factors one sees while selecting a skylight are the insulation factors and glazing factors.

What do I get when installing Skylight?

There are many benefits that are associated with having a skylight. The light is natural, and the cost of installation is only a one time investment compared to the electric light which we consume and pay the bill every month for electricity and light bulbs. This is an age where the energy-saving and reduction of carbon emission has become a main agenda for all of us. This use of natural light definitely reduces the usage of artificial lights and reduces the consumption of resources on the production of this artificial light.

Sunlight in a home has many health advantages contributing to an over all feeling of well-being. The intangible benefit for this method of natural light is that it improves the mood of person, poor lighting creates headaches and fatigue of eyes, but with the naturally illuminated environment it keeps the mood better.

Installation will improve the visual appearance of any room by the effects of natural light. These methods of lighting are considered to be the most efficient way of illumination in this resource depleted world. Artificial light requires the consumption of natural resources, which is depleting as we go, due to the increase in demand and population. These methods aid in the conservation of the environment and reduce the pollution resulted from the power generation plants like coal based electric generating plants. We cannot completely stop this pollution, but we can reduce the impact by reduction of usage of the artificial lights during the day times.

Selection of the proper skylight can be a challenge, many people have made mistakes while choosing a skylight for their homes. Many end up choosing the wrong design considering the effect they’re looking for and the volume of light they want to let inside. SOLA-LITE will help you choose the skylight design that’s right for you! Also improper installation is responsible for the loss of heat during the cold weather, and allowing in the warmer temperature during the hotter weather, which hinders overall efficiency. Our installers are highly qualified, trained professionals.

In order to choose the right skylight, stop in or call for a consultation with one of our experts in skylight design and installation. SOLA-LITE Inland Empire has built a reputation for servicing residential and commercial design and has the track record of creating better living environments for over 20 years.